A list of fat burning foods

Those wanting to lose weight will be intrigued by a list containing foods that can help in burning fats. These foods, while being tasty and nutritious, can also help anyone feel full, satisfied, and contented. Once a person feels that way, there are lesser chances that the person will eat more, resulting to losing a couple of pounds.

As a backgrounder, there are two hormones that are produced by the pancreas- insulin and glucagon. These also determine how the body makes use of carbohydrates. Also, the ratio of said hormones is important for sugar use.

By directing the liver to discharge sugar, Glucagon helps in raising blood sugar level available for the brain and other parts of the body to use. Glucagon likewise alerts the cells to discharge fat for energy, and protein for building. Meanwhile, insulin is mainly responsible for providing nutrients into the cells. Insulin thus regulates the transport of proteins, fats, and sugars to the cells. When there is more sugar that is available than what is required, the insulin alerts the liver to produce more fats.

Glucagon is discharged when the proteins are eaten. On the other hand, insulin is discharged when the carbohydrates are consumed. Neither is discharged when one eats nonstarchy and fatty foods. If the carbohydrates are consumed alone, the ratio of insulin to glucagon is way too high. When the protein is consumed alone, the ratio of insulin to glucagon drops. It is important to eat a nutritious and well-balanced diet with equal proportions of fats, protein, carbohydrates, and nonstarchy vegetables to have a balanced ratio of insulin to glucagon, as well as to burn fats and build muscles.

Having a healthy and well-balanced meal not just leads to production of fat, but also results to fat loss. Likewise having a balanced meal leads to gaining of more muscles, and not muscle loss.

Here are 15 fat burning foods which could effectively help you in burning fat and excess pounds. However, it is important to remember that eating a couple of these foods will not help you in effectively losing weight. It is important that you make some changes in your diet so that you can lose weight and maintain an ideal figure.

Coconut oil. The fat in coconut oil are not stored as fat.

Whole grain breads. The sugars present in whole grain brad products are discharged a lot more slowly compared to those that are in processed grain and so there is less insulin response.

Salmon. This fish promotes a balanced ratio of insulin to glucagon.

Asparagus. This is a non-starchy vegetable which is even more nutritious if eaten with cheese sauce.

Kale. This food type is high in calcium.

Chicken. It would be best if you include chicken in your vegetable salad.

Green beans. They help in filling you up without any effect on ratio of insulin to glucagon.

Cabbage. This is helpful as a filler in soups.

Garlic. Garlic has been known to lower cholesterol levels as well as blood pressure.

Cod liver oil. This a crucial supplement for Vitamins D and A.

Bell peppers. This would be another non-starchy vegetable.

Bitters. They help in the efficient digestion of fats.

Cheese. This is nutritious but should be consumed in limited amounts.

Summer squash. This is best when eaten with cheese sauces.

Eggs. They have proteins and fats, and mixes well with carbohydrates.