Watch Funny Movies Online Like Tropic Thunder With Ben Stiller

If you haven’t seen it yet, Tropic Thunder was actually one of the better comedies of the year. We know, we know, how could it be, right? It stars Ben Stiller, who’s been making nothing but bad comedies lately, and Jack Black, who’s one note act is getting stale. But… These guys are actually firing on all cylinders again, here. This is a script they actually seem to enjoy being a part of, they’re not just spitting out lines that you can just tell they don’t find funny, and it really is one of the top must watch movies online.

The movie serves as an excellent satire of modern day Hollywood culture. Before the movie begins, we’re treated to a series of fake commercials which provide some of the biggest laughs of the movie. We see a few trailers for movies starring the characters in the film, who are, after all, film actors. Jack Black starring as a series of fat-suited people sitting around a table farting is a perfect spoof on everything Eddie Murphy has been up to lately.

The movie follows these actors as they are put into a situation that is far beyond their control, mixing elements of action films, comedy and drama all in once. They believe that they’re out in the jungle for some hardcore training for the movie they’re making, but it quickly becomes clear that they’re in a do or die situation.
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The movie is really all about that concept, the difference between being who you are and ignoring who you are for the sake of being famous or pleasing the people around you and being somebody you’re not. All of the characters in the film are put through the ringer and forced to come face to face with who they are and who they truly want to be.

Of course, it is funny, too. It’s just that, while it’s a comedy, it’s much more than just an hour and a half of chuckles. It’s actually a very good movie with a strong sense of storytelling, and as a bonus, some really great action scenes.

The action in the film is really interesting, offering a new dynamic that we haven’t seen in films before. The characters are carrying prop rifles with blank rounds, so there’s really a whole new dynamic in that only one side of the gunfight is actually shooting live rounds. Again, this comes back to the theme of “faking it”.

While watching the movie, look out for one of the greatest film cameos ever. You won’t be able to figure it out right away, and don’t let anyone spoil it for you. Once you figure out who it is, it’s the biggest laugh of the film.

If you want a movie with a lot of laughs, a lot of action, and its heart in the right place, Tropic Thunder is one of the better films out there today in that regard, and it’s definitely worth a try if you’d like to see Ben Stiller prove to the world that he can still be pretty funny, when he wants to be, that is.